"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights"

The projects - mostly written in FreeBasic, ASM, C, Java
IDE HD & ATA-ATAPI CD/DVD driver with support for FAT 12/16/32 & ISO9660(+multi-session support) filesystems for dos/linux (FB). Can read/write/mount also FAT/ISO9660 image files. Now read-only EXT2/3 filesystem support.Full DescriptionDownload
Jonction2 - a tool for computing parameters needed to grow the "PN jonctions" of a solar cell using sputtering or other techniques ... Can compute also electro-dynamics of punctifor-masses using superpositon for electric/magnetic/gravitational forces. It can store (log) tracks of particles so that you can synthetize and view them in 3D .... Full DescriptionDownload
OSAK1025 - ElectronV2 OS for ATJ209x(ak1025-Actions Semiconductor PDA/MP4 Player)Full DescriptionDownload
PacMan2 - opensourceware version of PACMAN with a new design and lots of devices (program's engine has got script executer - Squirrel(R)), in 2D version, semi-3D version and under development fully 3D Full DescriptionDownload
Electron V2: 32b Operating System Full DescriptionDownload
Elecv2 kernel: DOS true MultiTasking Extender Full DescriptionDownload
NetSender is back: Everything for networkFull DescriptionDownload
SndRecMore - a tool to record sounds more than 60 sec (continuously). It contains also a wave editor wihch can insert,mix,convert,compress,....bla-bla-blaFull DescriptionDownload
USBebe : a DOS driver for USB devices like standard Flashes, WebCams, Scanners, Printers ...Full DescriptionDownload
TextConv - scan your documents' and convert images to TXT ( integrated into FILL project) Full DescriptionDownload
FILL - for autonomus robots - under development (webcam, TEXTREQ,distance calculator (parallel double laser spots),object recognizer)Full DescriptionDownload
CHEM - properties sheets for all Elements, EMGFF calculationFull DescriptionDownload
LSDEVICE - List all PCI hardware and USB OHCI stuffFull DescriptionDownload
IMAGESPLINTER - Splints images from a directory into smaller pieces and converts them to JPG so that you can load them with you MP4 Digital PlayerFull DescriptionDownload
REMOTEPC - is a remote executer that receives commands from audio input and sends' results to your MP4 Digital PlayerFull DescriptionDownload
VoiceReg_Freq - A begining of a ASR (audio speeck recognizer) Full DescriptionDownload
Software For Blinds - This is a contains many helpful programs for blind persons (like: scanned book/letter to audio text; console tools (with audio sounds))Full DescriptionDownload
Lego(TM) fab - a game-like lego fab ... Build with the Lego(TM) robots CPV cells, entaglement RX/TX tools, GW asteroids shifters, AND fight against evil !Full DescriptionDownload
Some more stufff .... site under constructionFull DescriptionDownload

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